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“Grande atmosfera e passione in tutto ciò che ti circonda” Top Experience Italy ci racconta

L’amore e la passione per quello che fai a volte ti portano molto lontano. Come in questo caso in cui a parlare di noi non sono stati grandi giornali nazionali o del settore, per carità quelli fanno sempre piacere, ma la pagina di Top Experience Italy, a cura di una ragazza inglese che, quasi per caso, ci è venuta a trovare in trattoria mentre era alla ricerca di una via in zona Piola. Ama la cucina italiana, quella tradizionale, e gira il Belpaese alla ricerca di realtà come la nostra capaci di valorizzarla e, perché no, di reinventarla in chiavi inedite. Incuriosita dall’ingresso e dal “giardino d’inverno” coperto dal nostro glicine, ha deciso di entrare.

“I ended up in Trattoria Bertamè in Milan almost by mistake wandering the streets around Piola subway station. I was attracted by the entrance and the exposed menu, checked out the place on the web discovering lots more then good food from their great website. I booked a table for the evening and that was a great choice.

From the moment you sit down you feel great atmosphere, friendly staff and passion in everything around. The waiter Ivan was top notch. We were undecided about the interesting proposals and he gave us great tips. You get a small welcome dish, we had zucchini cream with fresh mint, geleè carrot/octopus served with homemade focaccia, great start! We shared an appetizer made of crunchy octopus, with purple potato cream and potato chips, really interesting and delicious (Polpo croccante su crema di patate viola e patate dolci chips)

For first course an original and yummy risotto made with Franciacorta, fresh goat cheese, clams and crunchy artichokes just have to try it, I think this combination is just amazing ( Risotto al Franciacorta mantecato con caprine fresco, vongole veraci e carciofi croccanti). For second course we had to go “Milanese” with the famous saffron risotto with braised veal , cooked perfectly and tender, the interesting touch was the lemon zest that made this traditional dish more classy.

To finish a warm chocolate cake with pistachio ice cream.

Good wine list with funny quotes of famous people.

I had the pleasure to meet at the end of the dinner the owner Lorenzo, his charisma explains the success of this place!
In the leaflet they leave on the tables you can read the trattoria makes part of a bigger project. Next to the food place you have a showroom and shop with cool cars, motorbikes and the emblematic Italian Vespa.

They are very good on the socials where you can check all their events and vision, believe me, don’t miss it at your next stay in Milan.

Well done guys! See you next time!”.


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